UK420 hosted a Vanilla Server!

UK420 DayZ Mod Nostalgia Vanilla Server

Hello survivors!

We have good news for all of you – there is a new true vanilla server up that is following the same spirit as DayZ Nostalgia!

UK420DAYZ Vanilla|AS50|M107Whitelist

  • Name: UK420DAYZ Vanilla|AS50|M107Whitelist
  • IP:
  • Download DayZ Mod on Steam
  • Select Beta at Properties -> Beta (beta
  • Join via DayZ Mod from Steam!

Frankies DayZ! Vanilla Server with AS50, M107 and Thermals.True night cycle, No crosshairs.
MV22 and Armed SUV spawns enabled.

The Server is WHITELISTED, but its quite easy to get this done:

  • Join the UK420DayZ Discord at
  • Join the Room “#1761-whitelist-application”
  • Get your GUID ready (you can find it on most launchers nowadays)
  • Wait for the admins to get in contact with you
  • (If you cannot see the room for whatever reason or have any problems, consider PMing “Term” in the discord. But please dont spam and be patient!)

I hope i see some familiar faces on this server – and dont worry: This server wont go down, as hoster and owner Term ensured us!

DayZ Nostalgia – Server Shutdown


We saw it coming, but finally writing this post makes us sad anyway.

As we didnt even get enough donations to pay the server costs for last month and also didnt acquire a new playerbase in the last few weeks, we decided to shut down the DayZ Nostalgia server at the 17th of August, servers will go down at midnight CEST.

However, we will backup the database and serverfiles, so we have the possibility of rehosting the server sometime later, if there ever gets more demand then nowadays.

Thanks to everyone that followed us on this journey and played on our server, thanks to everyone who reported stuff and participated in the community!

If someone wants to take over the project or has any last suggestions, feel free to add Juggernaut on steam (you can find him on the steam group).
We will keep the website online and the steam group open, just in case! 😉

The future of DayZ Nostalgia

DayZ Nostalgia Future

As you guys may recognized, the server is quite empty and dropped in players in the last two weeks.

We are still wondering whats the reason behind it, as we brought updates on a regular basis and supported the players in every way we could.
While still being curious what happened that made everyone quit (as nobody reacted on our thread asking about the reasons), we have to take a look at the monthly costs that come with this server.

We started this project as a community-funded server, giving it a month or two out of our own pockets to grow and at least partly get carried by community donations.

With the current player numbers and only 10 bucks in donations for the current month we dont see any reason to keep the server running, as there are only very few players participatin in our attempts to coorperate and communicate with the community.

So we came up with the following:

  • a) Get enough players to justify investing into the server by ourselves for another month or two
  • b) Get enough donations to keep the server running, based on them

If we dont meet any of this criteria or something changes in the time until then, DayZ Nostalgia will be closed on 17th of August 2016.

DayZ Nostalgia v1.5

DayZ Nostalgia v1.5

After some days without any news, heres the next update!

DayZ Nostalgia v1.5

  • Voted Settings-change: Zombies wont hit the player or the vehicle at all anymore when you are inside a vehicle.
  • Can Unknown-Item was removed from the loot-table
  • Reworked the Outside-map-despawn script (should be more reliable now).

Download the update using the launcher or download and install it directly via our modfiles.

DayZ Nostalgia v1.4

DayZ Nostalgia v1.4

Next update for our mod! 🙂

DayZ Nostalgia v1.4

  • Removed Humanity-Regen due popular demand
  • Removed L85 Holo from the game (as it replaced L85 AWS in the later versions) and replaced existing ones with M4A1 Holo
  • Spawning-Position of the Huey-Helicopter on Skalisty Island should be correct now
  • New vehicle script in place: Unused boats and bicycles will despawn after 2 days. All other unused vehicles will despawn after 7 days.

Download the update using the launcher or download and install it directly via our modfiles.

DayZ Nostalgia v1.3

DayZ Nostalgia v1.3

Another small update came out yesterday night:

DayZ Nostalgia v1.3

  • Humanity-Regeneration-System got nerfed – it now regens 5 Humanity every 5 Minutes instead of 150 Humanity every 5 Minutes, allowing bandits to keep their status.

Download the update using the launcher or download and install it directly via our modfiles.

DayZ Nostalgia v1.2

DayZ Nostalgia v1.2

Small update for our mod:

DayZ Nostalgia v1.2

  • Fix for a bug related to the missionfile
  • possible fix for the “DMR-problem” (weapon sometimes has zeroing whyever)
  • Fix of an script-error

You can get the update via our Launcher or directly as modfiles.

DZN Status Update 4: Adjusted restart- & nighttimes


A short update for the server:

As we have some US-citizens playing on our server who really like it, they asked us if its possible to get a few more hours of daylight to play with.
This should suit players from other timezones as well as players from the EU that play on later hours.

We will change the night to start 2 hours later and also change the server-restarttimes to 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 (UTC).

DayZ Nostalgia is online!


Long story short – our server is online and ready to play!

We explained how to play on our server on the site How to play DayZ Nostalgia! 🙂

We hope to see many people joining our server in the next days!

Let the nostalgic-adventure begin!

DayZ Nostalgia Status Update 3 – 08.05.2016

DayZ Nostalgia Status Update 3

Hello Oldschool-DayZ-Fans!

There is good news and bad news that i have to tell you – good ones first:

We fixed any problem that occured during our internal tests, these being:

  • We reverted most of the Arma 2 Community-Patch related stuff back to the old standart.
  • Crashsite loot was adjusted, less crashsites that are stuffed with like 4x SVD with 2 magazines each.
  • Medical-Boxes on medic-crashsites seem to have loot as planned

Sadly, we didnt manage to finish everything for our aimed release this weekend.

There are still some tests to do, that can only be done once the server is up and needs a few testers that play for some time.
We want this mod the be as polished as we can make it with our knowledge – so we decided to postpone the release back, roughly about one week (please dont nail us on that one), also because one of our team has to run some medical checks over the coming week.

We apologize to everyone who was hyped for the release this weekend – and we promise to work hard to get this thing running as soon as possible!

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